About Us

Welcome to Social Nomad. We’re happy that you’re here. 


Who are we?

We are your one-stop shop for all things design!

Social Nomad is a Mumbai based full-service design and stationery stop. We specialize in party invitations, branding and packaging, logo and website building and stationery designs, amongst many more creatively inspired services. 

Looking to build your brand or to finally start working on that long overdue start-up idea? 

We’ve got you covered!

At Social Nomad, we aim to curate the finest quality content to help build a highly engaging community that focuses on the co-creation of your brand. 


How do we start this process? 

Get social, get seen!

First things first, we help to create a strong digital presence for your brand on social media platforms. Our in-house graphics team caters to all your branding needs. From the basics of logo designing, to building a full-fledged website for your brand, our team will help you every step of the way! 


Why should you work with us? 

Founded by Mandeep Dialani, Social Nomad was created to help your branding journey, from start to end. Her passion for art and strong business ideals make her the best in the scene, and Social Nomad, a must have design partner for all new businesses.

Along with personalised and corporate stationery, we also create stunning wedding and party invitations. 

So whether it is a new brand that you’re setting up, or a new life that you’re building with your partner or even if you are just looking to celebrate something special, our design hub is just one click away from making that occasion extraordinarily beautiful!


Our process is simple.

We believe that the right stationery sets the right tone. It not only keeps you organised and motivated, but also helps you celebrate the special moments in your life.

You know that feeling of having everything crossed out on your To-Do list at the end of the day? Or the adrenaline rush of planning your wedding details and noting them down in your personalised Bridal Planner? or the happiness that you feel having your mom’s special Rajma Chawal recipe stored for life in your personalised recipe journal?

We strive to hit those perfect emotional cords, through everything that we create.

We have curated a range of products that extend from yearly planners, to-do lists, recipe journals, bridal planners, sticky notes, wrapping papers, gift bags, gifting tags, boxed stationery sets, thank you cards, announcements, invitations and so much more! 

Our stationery sets come individually handcrafted and elegantly packaged in boxes that instantly uplift your gifting game. 

All of these options can also be completely customised and personalised as per your liking. 


It’s time to get the party started! 

When it comes to invitations, we want nothing but the best for you. 

To suit your unique preferences, we at Social Nomad, offer a wide array of customizable invitations that range from classic and chic, to modern and whimsical, and everything else in between!

Our invitations feature different designs, styles, themes and colour palettes to translate your most heartfelt emotions on your special day. You can also tailor-make your invitations completely, to fit your own imagination.

Our motto is to make life’s innumerable moments, unforgettable! 

From birthdays to weddings to birth announcements and baby showers - to corporate events, and milestone celebrations- we’ve got a design, for every occasion! 

Our love for design and stationery and our passion for seeking out the beauty in every moment, is our guiding principle here, at Social Nomad. 

We continue to grow and look forward to expanding our range in order to deliver wonderful and thoughtful products to you, for every phase of your life. 

Happy Shopping!