Personal Pursuits - Couple Edition

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“If there’s any kind of magic in this world…it must be in the attempt of understanding someone, sharing something.” — Celine, Before Sunrise

Inspired by this very quote from one of our favourite movies, we bring you ‘Personal Pursuits’ - full of candid & insightful conversations.

How well do you think you know someone? How well do you think you know yourself? Be prepared to engage in real, raw conversations that will leave you both enlightened and amazed. With over 55 questions, dive deeper and unmask the layers you didn't know existed!

Brace yourselves as you are about to feel a rollercoaster of emotions and love!

What’s needed to start the game?

• People in love or trying to reconnect with their partners
• People open to new perspectives
• A comfortable setting surrounded with love & light
• Honesty and the ability to listen & understand

We recommend you watch 'The Before Trilogy' movies after the game

Just like in life, there are no rules, no steps, and no guide book here. Indulge as you please.